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Three Reasons You’ll Love LEI Windows

Not only are windows your view of the outside world, but they are one of the most crucial components of your home’s energy efficiency. The right windows can make a world of difference, and choosing the right company for your installation and ordering is just as important. If you are thinking about replacing any of the windows in your home, contact LEI Home Enhancements today. Our team will help you find the perfect windows to fit your needs, your budget, and your lifestyle. Here are three reasons that you will love your new LEI windows.

Increased Home Value

Your home is one of the biggest investments most of us will ever make, and taking care of that investment is crucial. Although your home will always increase in value with inflation and as property values rise, there are a few simple steps you can take to increase the value of your home while also making it more comfortable and enjoyable to live in. A fresh set of windows will always help improve the value of your home. New windows will make your home more efficient while ramping up the curb appeal of your home. According to recent studies, your curb appeal is one of the most important factors when selling your home. A fresh and beautiful look to the exterior of your home can boost your home value by 10% or more.  Adding these updates to your selling list will also show buyers that you have been actively updating and caring for your home.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Every homeowner pays energy bills. Although there are many things that you can do to try to lower your energy costs like not using your AC or heating, turning off your lights, or using energy-efficient lightbulbs, most of your energy costs are due to lost energy and weaknesses in your home. The most common point of energy loss in your home is the seal around your windows and your windows themselves. All windows will have a U-factor, which is its resistance to heat flow and overall insulation capabilities. The lower the window’s U-factor, the better resistance it will have to heat flow, keeping more of your heating and cooling safely secured in your home.

Less Exterior Noise

If you live in an area with heavy foot traffic, busy roads, or lots of yard noise like lawnmowers and leaf blowers, you know just how noisy things can get outside. You want your replacement windows to help block out that noise and to help make your home a true escape and haven from that noise. Our Revelation Elite Windows offer some of the most advanced noise-blocking technology in any window on the market.

If you are thinking about updating the windows in your home, don’t settle for second best. Get the perfect windows for every space in your home with LEI Home Enhancements today.


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